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On 9th December 2016, we started Croatian Bachata-boom! In autumn of 2016, we slowly started separating Bachata de Fuego from it’s mother Salsa de Fuego – with this we formed first independent Bachata school in Croatia. Then we decided it was time to do impossible – to make first (real), independent Bachata party. And on this day in 2016 we did it! And it was amazing! After that, in the beginning of the 2017, we started first Bachata Sensual classes and regular Bachata parties – first on Mondays and then both Mondays and Saturdays, all right on top of Zagreb’s main square! And then Bachata became popular. Other Bachata schools were opened, Bachata Sensual prevailed, and suddenly Bachata became stronger than Salsa! We are proud that we started all this, all with our hard work, enthusiasm and love. Altough Bachata de Fuego is a bit older (as a separate entity), we take 9th of December

Some amazing classic Traditional Bachata songs from late 1970's, from 1980's, 1990's, to this day. In this list you can hear how the sound is slowly advancing from Bolero (& Son) variants to distinctive classical Bachata sound, by changing and adding various elements, incorporating Merengue, other elements of Son etc. • The first in the list is "Pasa me la hooka!"

First (recorded) Bachata songs and some early Traditional Bachata music from the earliest Bachata musicians from 1960's and partly from 1970's. In this list you can clearly hear Bolero and Son base of Bachata music and towards the end of this list you can hear the music slowly advancing, by changing and adding various elements, to the sound we today recognize as Bachata. • The first in the list is the first ever recorded Bachata (called Amargue at that time): "Borracho De Amor" from Jose Manuel Calderon. You can hear the original 1962 version in the first video, and you can hear cleaner version in second video. • "Condena" is the second ever recorded Bachata from the same musician (again in two versions). • Afterwards, there are other noticeable earliest Bachata authors and their songs. Of course, this is not an extensive list, this is just an intro in beginnings of the most

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