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Bachata Tradicional – Classics & More

Some amazing classic Traditional Bachata songs from late 1970’s, from 1980’s, 1990’s, to this day. In this list you can hear how the sound is slowly advancing from Bolero (& Son) variants to distinctive classical Bachata sound, by changing and adding various elements, incorporating Merengue, other elements of Son etc. • The first in the list is “Pasa me la hooka!”… 😉 Well, it’s the original song “Fue De Los Dos” from Leonardo Paniagua that Bad Bunny used as a sample in his Latin-Trap (and Afrohouse) song “La Romana”, that, again, DJ Citro and DJ York marvelously remixed in Urban/Sensual/Fusion Bachata. We use it here to be a hook. 🙂 • In second and third song, from Blas Duran, you can hear the change from maracas used in 2nd song to (in other songs more active and more energetic) güira, as well as switch to use of electric guitar in 3rd song. Blas Duran is the first musican to record Bachata played on electric guitar(s). • In 4th (1983), 5th (1989), 6th (1994), 7th (2019) & 8th (2019) song, all of Luis Vargas, the first Bachata pop-star, you can hear already noted gradual evolution. • In 9th (1992), 10th (1994), 11th (1999), 12th (2019) & 13th (2019) song, all of Anthony Santos, second Bachata pop-star, and a great rival of Vargas, you can, again, hear noted evolution. • From 14th song till the end we just let you to enjoy some of the best Traditional Bachata music… 🙂 This is not an extensive list, this is just an intro to classical Traditional part (with some new songs so you can see/hear that Traditional style is very alive and amazing to this day) and enticement for your personal exploration of the best music & dance in the world, in all it’s richness. And don’t worry, we’ll expand it, song by song… Oh, after listening, if a songs stucks in your head and you sing it all the time, don’t blame us, blame all this amazing singers, composers, musicians… [DJL-Loco, creator of this list, is currently stuck with “Nada De Nada”. And you? ;))] If you have any questions, remarks or if you would like to add something, contact us via our Facebook or e-mail. 🙂 #DJL-Loco #BachataDeFuego #BachataRules

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