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Date: 08/12/2023
End Date: 10/12/2023
Type: open

Zagreb Bachata Weekend 2023.

🔥 Hello! We made this small, amazing and a bit different bachata-weekend in Zagreb, Croatia!

We didn’t want something massive, a stew full everything (quantity) and without a soul. We wanted something full of quality, something with proved teachers, something where you can easily participate in all workshops and parties, something to really have a fulfilled but relaxing time, something where you can choose your workshops, something that is normal-priced, and something to have a family-like atmosphere in beautiful pre-Christmas Zagreb where you’ll experience only good emotions, emotions for life!

Join us: come, dance and enjoy!

The most famous bachata DJ, and one of the best in the world – DJ for the main, unforgettable Saturday 100% bachata party in beautiful Hotel Academia hall!
Amazing & loved DJs from Slovenia and Croatia for Friday bachata (& salsa) party – in Croatian legendary Ritam Grada bar with dancefloor with an upper view of Zagreb’s main square!
For beautiful, romantic bachata fusion partnework w/s.
For hot, smooth & sensual bachata sensual partnerwork w/s.
For steaming, attractive, wild bachata sensual partnerwork w/s.
For hot & sexy bachata sensual partnerwork w/s.
For amazing, playfulf bachata sensual partnerwork w/s.
🇸🇮 ROK
For fantastic bachata men-styling workshop
For breathtaking two bachata lady-styling workshops

• FRIDAY 8th of December
18:30 – 20:00 Luka & Klara partner/w., intermediate level
20:30 – 22:00 Rok & Donna partner/w., interm./adv. level
– – –
22:00 – 04:00 Bachata & salsa party w. DJ Rocco Loco & DJ eL Fuego
• SATURDAY 9th of December
11:00 – 12:30 Nikola & Matea partner/w. interm. level
13:00 – 14:30 Damjan & Tjaša partner/w. interm. level
– – –
16:00 – 17:30 Lovro & Tajana partner/w., advanced lev.
– – –
18:00 – 19:30 Rok’s men-styling, improver/interm. level
– – –
18:15 – 19:45 Antonia’s lady-styling, beginn./improv. lev.
20:00 – 21:30 Antonia’s lady-stying, interm./advanc. level
– – –
22:00 – 04:00 Bachata party with DJ Tronky!
• SUNDAY 10th of December
No workshops & no parties! Why? When you go to a dance weekend/festival, you want a lot of dancing, right? But, you also want to experience something in place where it is on, right? You want to see some local attractions, try local food, drinks, experience some of it’s magic, not ONLY dancing.
That’s why we don’t have too many workshops, only 2 on Friday, with 30 minute breaks, then an amazing party on Zagreb’s main square, then 4 (5) workshops on Saturday, with good breaks where you can chill, socialize, have some (free) drinks and (free) snacks, with some free time for proper lunch and dinner, then main party with the most famous and one of the best bachata DJs in the world, till the morning. And then you have the whole Sunday to rest and to enjoy Zagreb, and then to go home both danced and rested, full of energy for your next working week… 🙂

Did you notice? It’s because we want you to learn something properly – not just to mindlessly repeat a choreography which will fade away from your mind as soon as you go out the dance hall – but to really learn and use something new, useful, attractive and fun. This is also a reason for not having too much workshops. And this is the reason we chose the exact proved teachers for this weekend.

60€ all workshops & all parties flash-sale
70€ all workshops & all parties
– – –
20€ only Friday workshops
55€ only Saturday workshops 1 (incl. 1 men-styling or 1 lady-styling)
65€ only Saturday workshops 2 (including 2 lady-styling workshops)
– – –
15€ one partnerwork workshop only
20€ one lady/men-styling workshop only
30€ two lady-styling workshops combo
– – –
4€ Friday party only (avaliable only at the entrance)
15€ only Saturday DJ Tronky party

Workshops and party link: https://bit.ly/ZagrebBWtickets
Only DJ Tronky party link: https://bit.ly/TronkyZagreb2

• We want our workshops to be amazing, that’s why we carefully watch on the F/M ratio and that’s why we collect your sex (male or female) data. We also respect non-traditional roles in bachata, but in our workshops we are strictly traditional in leading/following roles: Females (xx) are followers, males (xy) are leaders.
• All tickets (except some chategories for the DJ Tronky party only) are personalized = bound to a specific name & surname. Your identity will be checked via your ID-card/passport/driver-licence on the entrance. You can present tickets on your phone or printed.
All data that we collect (name, surname, sex and e-mail) will be used ONLY for the purpose of identifying you during the weekend (workshops and/or parties) and contacting you for details about workshops you plan to attend and regarding possible changes in schedule (both prior and during the weekend). Your data will never be used for any other purpose and will be permanently deleted from Bachata de Fuego’s data-base and only be stored in Entrio’s base for their statistics and operations required by the law (money return etc.), according to their GDPR-statement you agree on, while shopping on their web-page.
• Important: after purchasing of desired ticket(s)/pass(es) for workshop(s), please fill this form so we know which workshops you plan to attend so we can make each workshop to be well balanced in F/M ratio: https://bit.ly/ZagrebBWform

Friday workshops: Bachata de Fuego, Florijana Andrašeca 18.
Friday party: Ritam Grada bar, Gajeva 2.
Saturday workshops: Bachata de Fuego, Florijana Andrašeca 18.
Saturday lady-styling workshops: Hotel Academia, Tkalčićeva 88.
Saturday DJ Tronky party: Hotel Academia, Tkalčićeva 88.

Get ready for the time of your bachalife!

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